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Fees and Insurance

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Take the first step towards making positive life changes by requesting a personal, confidential appointment. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday.

 Private Pay Fees 

  • Individual Therapy - $150 per Session Negotiated

  • Couples' Therapy - $180 per Session (1.5 hour)

    • Payment for sessions are required before or at time of service


  • Currently Accepting Medicare and TRICARE West insurance coverages

Other Insurance:

  • If you have a PPO insurance plan, PsychDoc would be considered as an "out-of-network provider".   

  • Most PPO plans typically reimburse 50% or more for out-of-network coverage

  • If you are interested in using your PPO insurance, no problem. We can provide a Superbill​. (We currently do not accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield)

  • Please feel free to email insurance questions to our billing coordinator, Bo:   

  • Full fees, copays and insurance coverage required before or at time of service

Payment methods

Square - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

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